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Correct operation of sterilization pot method

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The sterilization pot is mainly used in the food industry.Medicine and other fields, it has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, liquid boiling time is short, heating temperature is easy to control, so it is widely used.Note during operation:

1. Be sure to equip a mercury thermometer and pay attention to the range, scale and installation location of the thermometer.

2. To be equipped with automatic temperature recorder, because there are many times to save costs, manufacturers will omit not installed.So when you use it, you have to have it.

3. If it is water killing, it is necessary to install the water circulation system, and install a flowmeter on the circulating pipe to indicate a stable flow rate.

4. There are requirements for the size of the pipeline and the layout of the pipeline for the sterilization pot.

5, sterilization pot should be regularly checked, at least once every half a year for external inspection, at least once a year for a comprehensive inspection, the preparation work before inspection and inspection items, according to the "procedures" and the relevant provisions, inspection report archiving.

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