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How to use stainless steel sterilization pot for back pressu

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We usually eat dried fruit, dried meat and other products, most of the factory sterilization pot for high temperature sterilization before getting on the market for trading, stainless steel sterilization pot is one of them, then you know how to use stainless steel sterilization pot for back pressure sterilization?Below, the sterilization pot manufacturer will introduce the operation steps for you in detail, together to know about it!


Stainless steel sterilization pot


Stainless steel sterilization pot is equipped with safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers and other safety accessories, and has a temperature regulating device, the use of the process should be regularly maintained and checked.


In general, canneries use this type of horizontal sterilizer to sterilize cans by boiling water at normal pressure and heating it.Stainless steel sterilization pot through the introduction of compressed air to achieve back pressure sterilization.If cooling is needed in the pot, it needs to be pumped into the spray pipe (or water circulation system) at the top of the pot.During the sterilization process, the temperature in the tank rises due to heating, and the pressure in the tank exceeds the pressure outside the tank (inside the pot).Therefore, in order to prevent the pressure of the glass bottle and the cap from jumping during sterilization, the two ends of the tinplate may be extended, and back pressure should be applied.That is, compressed air increases the pressure through the canister to prevent the canister from protruding and the lid from jumping.


Because the compressed air is a bad heat conductor, and the steam itself has a certain pressure, so in the heating process of the sterilization process, the compressed air is not imported, only when the sterilization state is reached, the temperature is introduced and heat preservation.Open the compressed air and enter the pot, increasing the pressure in the pot by 0.5 to 0.8 atmospheres.After disinfection, when the temperature drops, the steam supply stops and the cooling water is forced into the spray pipe.As the temperature in the pot decreases, the steam condenses and the force in the pot decreases, which is compensated by the pressure of the compressed air.During the sterilization process, please pay attention to the initial exhaust, then exhaust, let the steam cycle.It can also be deflated every 15-20 minutes to promote heat transfer.


In short, stainless steel sterilization pot needs to meet the requirements of sterilization conditions, and in accordance with certain procedures.The sterilization temperature, sterilization pressure, sterilization time and operation method are all regulated by the sterilization process of canned products.The above is the introduction of the relevant content of sterilization pot back pressure sterilization, I hope to help you, in addition, if you want to know more about the relevant information, you can pay more attention to our website dynamic.


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