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There are several types of sterilization pot from the way of

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We usually eat snacks, most of the factory before sterilization, this time for the use of sterilization pot is essential, there are many people curious about the type of sterilization pot, below, double Jun to introduce in detail according to the sterilization of the type of sterilization pot!


Sterilization pot


There are four kinds of sterilization methods in the sterilization pot:


1. Hot water circulation sterilization: when sterilization, the food in the pot is soaked in hot water, and the heat distribution is relatively uniform in this way.


2, steam sterilization: food loaded into the pot is not water, but directly into the steam heating, because in the process of sterilization in the pot there will be air cold point, so this way heat distribution is not uniform.


3, wet type sterilization: this way is to use the nozzle or spray pipe hot water spray to the food, the sterilization process is through the installed within the sterilization pot or at the top of the on both sides of the nozzle, spraying a mist waves hot water to the surface of food, so not only the temperature even no dead Angle, and the rapid heating and cooling speed, fast and stable for the pan sterilization products, particularly suitable for flexible packaging of food sterilization.


4, side spray conditioning sterilization: side spray sterilization pot is suitable for bags or boxes of food secondary sterilization equipment, by the process tank, heat exchanger, a variety of pump valves, connecting pipes and PLC touch screen combination of automatic control system.Pot water softening after heat exchanger heat or cooling through the nozzle to the jet fan driven by around germicide, zonal wave type hot water, thermal diffusion fast and uniform heat transfer, reduce the packaging is not affected by the water quality of beautiful phenomenon, have energy saving of energy, and food sterilization technology belongs to the sterilization equipment for into one of the technology in the industry.


The above is the sterilization pot according to the four types of sterilization, is everyone clear?I hope this article can help you.In addition, we should remind ourselves that the sterilization pot should also pay attention to maintenance after use, so as to avoid failure problems in the future use.


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