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What are the uses of an electrically heated sandwich pan?

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The following is a brief introduction about the use of electric heating sandwich pot Shandong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.?


Electric heating sandwich pot all contact food part is made of 06Cr19Ni10 stainless steel, in line with the "Food Hygienic Law" requirements, with beautiful appearance, reasonable design, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation, flexible use, reliable, easy to maintain and other characteristics, by the general users love and praise.


Product use and characteristics


Widely used in candy, pastry, beverage, fruit juice, jam, preserves, dairy and canned food processing and brewing, wine making, pharmaceutical and daily chemical industries, as material melting, heating, hot boiling, precooking, preparation, boiling, cooking and concentration.At the same time, it is also suitable for large guesthouses, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, industrial and mining enterprises, organs, troops, colleges and universities dining halls, as porridge, soup, dumplings, cooking and stew with vegetables.


1. The principle of different proportion of oil, water and animal oil produces natural stratification in the process of work, and the animal fat sinks into the lower layer of vegetable oil, which fundamentally solves the problem of residue, animal fat and repeated frying in the traditional frying machine to acidify and carbonize the frying oil and metamorphism.


2. Heating the plant oil layer can control the convection of the upper and lower oil layers, so as to ensure the purity of various oil layers. The fried food is perfect in color, smell and appearance, and improves the quality of the product.


3, save frying oil, conducive to environmental protection This product solved the traditional frying machine overheating and drying caused by a large number of volatile oil problem.Oil-water mixing technology makes the water below the oil layer constantly produce a small amount of steam, and penetrate into the oil layer to add water to the frying oil, so as to restrain a large amount of oil volatilization;The central heating process can be controlled according to the need of temperature, frying oil peroxidation degree, inhibit the production of acid price, thus extending the frying oil service cycle, reduce waste, than the traditional frying machine to save more than 50% oil.


4, with the proportion of vegetable oil and animal oil, so that fried food leach animal oil natural sink to the lower vegetable oil, so that the upper working oil always remain pure, can also ZhaZhi a variety of food, do not cross the taste, a machine multi-purpose, can increase your business varieties.


5. The machine is equipped with advanced automatic temperature control device, the oil temperature can be adjusted from normal temperature to 240 degrees.Inhibits peroxidation and acidification of oils caused by high temperature.


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