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How is the vacuum pump installed on the vacuum packaging mac

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  Generally, the standard configuration of our single chamber or double chamber vacuum packaging machine is domestic type 20 vacuum pump. The pump is small in volume, and can be directly installed in the vacuum packaging case, with a circular cushion as the bottom connection, Generally, we will configure a higher vacuum pump to meet the needs of customers. However, the volume of the vacuum pump will increase with the increase of the vacuum efficiency. The size of the vacuum packaging machine itself is fixed, so the vacuum pump can not be directly placed in the vacuum packaging case. For these special customized vacuum packaging machines, we use the method of external vacuum pump

Vacuum packaging machine

  The power supply of vacuum packaging machine is generally divided into two-phase power supply (280v) and three-phase power supply (380V)

  The vacuum packaging machine can work normally only when it is connected correctly. Pay attention to the power of the switchboard and the vacuum pump, and do not exceed the rated range. Select the right switch and fuse according to the rated power and voltage. Before connecting the power to the vacuum machine, first open the door on the left side of the machine. After manually opening the machine, touch the travel switch above to open the electrical box, Plug in the time relay again. After the above two steps, connect the power line of the vacuum packaging machine to the power supply and the power line of the vacuum pump to the motor. After connecting the power supply of the vacuum packaging machine, remember to test the machine before formal work. Turn on the power switch, and then the conveyor belt should move towards the direction of the vacuum chamber, Change any two of the three-phase power supply in time. Then start the vacuum pump switch and observe the running direction of the pump. Do not reverse it, otherwise it will cause damage. The correct running direction is marked on the protective cover. When adjusting, the position of any two wires in the three-phase power supply is also exchanged

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