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What are the common models of automatic vacuum packaging mac

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  Packaging machine is a kind of food machinery commonly used by food processing enterprises. In the process of food circulation, it not only plays the role of protecting food, but also extends the shelf life of food like vacuum packaged food. At present, according to different types of food, automatic vacuum packaging machines are divided into different types, So what are the commonly used models of automatic vacuum packaging machine at present? Let's learn about it.

Automatic vacuum packaging machine

  1.Automatic vacuum packaging machine for stretch film

  When it comes to the stretch film automatic vacuum packaging machine, it can be said that it is the representative model of the automatic vacuum packaging machine. Although it has been in the market for more than 20 years, it is still very popular with major food processing enterprises. We can see that it occupies a very important position in the whole packaging machinery industry, The length of this model is about 5-7 meters. It adopts automatic assembly line production. The whole machine adopts PLC control system to control the operation of the equipment. Each operation link can be set on the touch screen. One of the main features of this model is its powerful function. It can package products of various specifications on one equipment, It can be said to be a veritable one machine multi-purpose model.

  2.Full automatic vacuum packaging machine

  When it comes to working capacity, this bag type full-automatic vacuum packaging machine is comparable to the stretch film full-automatic vacuum packaging machine. This is because they all belong to automatic assembly line production models. One equipment is equivalent to a production line. In this way, the packaging efficiency is improved and the labor cost is saved at the same time. One of the main features of this model is that it subdivides the feeding methods according to the characteristics of different foods. Products such as peanuts and rice can be weighed by computer combination, while products such as corn and zongzi that are not suitable for weighing can be weighed by ring feeder, What kind of feeding method can be selected according to the product characteristics!

  3.Box type controlled atmosphere automatic vacuum packaging machine

  The products packaged by this box type modified atmosphere automatic vacuum packaging machine are different from the other two types of machines in terms of product appearance. This box type modified atmosphere automatic vacuum packaging machine uses box to package food. It uses modified atmosphere fresh locking technology, which can not only lock the freshness of food, but also extend the shelf life of food, such as the common crayfish, cold fresh meat This kind of packaging is used for cool skin products.

Automatic vacuum packaging machine

  Above for the current automatic vacuum packaging machine commonly used models for an inventory, and these three types of models have their own advantages, and the products they are aimed at are also different, so we need to choose the appropriate equipment according to the actual food packaging requirements and product positioning!


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