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Do you know the solution to the displacement of vacuum packa

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  As the name suggests, vacuum packaging machine is used for vacuum packaging. How much do you know about vacuum packaging machine? When the packaging machine displacement is how to solve it? Here is a brief introduction to the solution of vacuum packaging machine shift, let's take a look!

  Single chamber and double chamber are commonly used. The single chamber is flat. There are two sets of support frames at the back of the upper and lower vacuum systems, and a long shaft with double torsion spring in the middle. The double torsion spring balances the interaction force, and the opening angle is 45-75 degrees.

vacuum packaging machine

  The lower vacuum system is divided into upper and lower working rooms. The upper vacuum system moves up and down four crankshaft support points. Four crankshafts are fixed on two long shafts. The long shaft is equipped with a spring fork. The lower side of the two tension springs is fixed on the sound card frame, and the upper end is fixed on the tension spring fork to balance the actual operation force. The two long shafts are positioned by two sets of fixed bearings. The four crankshafts are also inlaid with miniature bearings, so they are up and down

  The support points deviate from the four connecting rods of the upper vacuum system, and the front, back, left and right sides of each long axis should be parallel. The upper and lower crankshafts should also be relatively parallel to ensure that the upper vacuum system and the lower vacuum system are parallel in all the upper and lower parts. Otherwise, the upper and lower vacuum systems cannot keep parallel, and the actual operating pressure will increase significantly. In serious cases, even the vacuum pump can't work normally.

  The above is the solution to the displacement of the vacuum packaging machine, I believe that through the description of this article, you can gain, I hope the above can help you. In addition, if you want to know more about it, you can pay more attention to our website.


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