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14 tips for using pressure cooker

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  High pressure cooker has become a must-have in life, most people use high pressure cooker to cook rice. But want to tell you, in fact, there are many uses of high pressure cooker! It is not used quickly, 14 clever uses of high pressure cooker!

  1. Stir fry peanuts in a high pressure pot. Put peanuts into the high pressure pot, drop a little water to damp the peanuts, cover the pot and put them on the fire without pressure limiting valve. When the pores start to vent, reduce the fire, and bump the two hand end pots to make the peanuts in the pot evenly. Bump once every 1-2 minutes. From the beginning of seeing the gas, the pan will be bumped for 3-4 times, then it will be off the fire and cooled naturally. After 7-8 minutes, the peanuts will be fried, and then they can be opened and eaten.

  2. Cook the bean filling in a high pressure pot. Wash and put red beans into high pressure pot, add water (water volume can make beans expand fully), cover the pot, cook over fire, and then buckle the upper pressure valve after boiling, cook for 15 minutes, the beans will rot, after venting and decompression, you can open the pot to make bean filling.

  3. Cook dumplings in a high pressure pot. First put half pot of water in the high pressure pot, boil it, stir it in the water with a spoon for two weeks, and then put it into dumplings, close the lid of the pot, do not buckle the valve, burn it with a hot fire, wait for steam to come out of the valve hole, and close the fire after about half a minute until the valve hole no longer gets angry, then the pot can be opened to retrieve dumplings.

High pressure cooker

  4. Cook porridge in a high pressure pot. Clean the rice and red beans, put them in the high pressure pot, add water (the water can make the beans expand fully and make the porridge thin and thick appropriately), cover the pot cover, cook over the fire, and then buckle the upper pressure valve after opening the pot, cook for 15 minutes, and then cook the porridge.

  5. Boil rice dumplings in high pressure pot. Put the wrapped dumplings into the pot. Add water to the pot over 1-2cm. Cover the lid. Cook in a big fire. Then, close the upper pressure valve after opening the pot. After about 15 minutes, the dumplings will be cooked.

  6. Cook noodles in a high pressure pot. The high pressure pot is filled with water in proper amount, and then boil it on fire. Lower the noodles into the pan, cover the lid, do not overlap, and do not buckle the pressure limiting valve. Cook for about 3 minutes, and the noodles will be cooked.

  7. Fry dumplings in a high pressure pot. Heat the high pressure pot with heat, pour a little oil and wipe well. Put the dumplings in the pan and put them in place. After half a minute, sprinkle some water into the pot, then cover the pot, buckle the upper pressure valve, bake the left stone with a gentle fire for 5 minutes, and the dumplings are cooked. Dumplings fried by this method are better than steamed, boiled or fried in a general pot.

  8. Use a high pressure cooker to make pancakes. Apply oil on the bottom of the high pressure cooker, heat it on fire, put the cake blank, cover the pan cover, and buckle the upper pressure valve. After 1 minute, turn the cake in the pot, cover the button valve, and then burn it for 1 minute, and the cake will be cooked. The cake is heated evenly and soft and delicious by this method.

  9. Bake bread in a high pressure cooker. Add alkali to the soft surface, add milk, egg and sugar to knead the flour thoroughly. Apply a little cooking oil on the bottom of the high pressure cooker, scoop out the dough with a spoon, make the bread green, put it in the pot, cover the pot, buckle the pressure limiting valve, and heat it for 3 minutes. Then go to the valve to bleed, turn the pot over, and then cover the pressure limiting valve for 3 minutes. Then, open the lid of the pot and let the air out. The soft and sweet bread will be ready.

  10. Put cooked food to be stored in high pressure pot for steam or boil. When water in the pot is opened, remove the pressure limiting valve and then buckle it after bleeding. In this way, the cooked food can be stored for 3-4 days without deterioration because of the basic isolation between food and air.

  11. Stew and stew in high pressure pot, do not use the same rubber ring. If one kind of food can be used with one rubber ring, the life of rubber ring can be prolonged by 3-5 times.

  12. After a period of time, the rubber ring of high pressure pot will lose its original elasticity and can not play a sealing role. One round elastic belt with the same circumference as the high pressure pot rubber ring can be used, and it is sandwiched in the joint of the rubber ring of the high pressure boiler, and the sealing effect is no less than that of the new high pressure cooker rubber ring.

  13. When the rubber ring of high pressure pot leaks air, sharp blade can be used to cut the depth of 3-4mm evenly in the groove center of the inner groove of the rubber ring. Then, stainless steel wire, copper wire or other metal wire with good plasticity are used with diameter of 0.7 mm. Take a section with the diameter of rubber ring 3 times the length, and divide it into 4 equal parts on average, and insert it into the cut groove, and then install it for reuse, so as to prevent air leakage.

  14. Clean the waste rubber ring of the high pressure cooker after use, wrap it in paper, and after a year or two, the elasticity of rubber will recover, so it can be used for a while.


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