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Common faults and solutions of small vacuum packaging machin

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  The vacuum technology we know is mostly used in the food industry. It has played its unique vacuum advantage in food packaging, which can not be completed by other equipment. At present, the vacuum packaging technology of vacuum packaging machine is also used in the packaging of medical devices, and its effect is very good. Please continue to see the details.

  After refitting the aluminum automatic opening and closing disinfection box for sterilization of needles. It is used to sterilize medical instruments with pulsating vacuum pressure steam. The sterilization effect and the period of aseptic storage after sterilization were tested and compared with those of double cotton packing. Results: the qualified rate of sterilization of packaged medical devices was that the devices were packed in modified aluminum boxes, and the aseptic storage period was up to double-layer cotton packing. Key words: pressure steam sterilized devices are packed in cotton special aluminum boxes. At present, the hospital medical devices in China are mostly packed in double-layer cotton for pressure steam sterilization. The packing and dismantling of the packing cloth are time-consuming, and the washing of the packing cloth is cumbersome.

Vacuum packaging machine

  Remove the original aluminum frame containing needles, increase the width of aluminum baffle with holes on both sides of the box from to and fix it again. Thus, the volume in the box is increased, which is conducive to the taking and placing of instruments, and maintains the original opening and closing function and is conducive to the steam penetration. The sterilization effect and anti pollution effect of the container were tested, and compared with those of double cotton packing. After sterilization by pulse vacuum pressure steam sterilizer, according to the random principle, odd numbered samples were taken to test the sterilization effect. Results the sterilization effect and aseptic storage period were tested, and the medical devices in the two packages were all sterilized.

  Bacterial contamination was detected on the next day of the double-layer cotton packing machine. The results showed that the improved aluminum automatic printing disinfection box had no effect on the sterilization effect, but extended the sterile storage time of the sterilized instruments and shortened the time needed to open the packaging. Well, Xiaobian will share it with you first. If you have any questions or want to know more, you are welcome to leave a message for Xiaobian.


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