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What don't you know about steam sterilizerd

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  Portable high-pressure steam sterilization pot has the characteristics of small size, easy to move, and fast sterilization speed for a small number of items, so it is widely used by universities, scientific research institutions and families, and it is also a commonly used sterilization equipment in middle school experimental teaching.

  1. When the value of the pressure gauge drops to nearly 0mpa during sterilization, can the cover of the sterilization pot be opened immediately?

  High pressure steam sterilization pot in use, through the continuous heating of closed pot space water, continuous collection of wet hot water steam, become the high pressure in the pot. The high pressure in the pot makes the boiling water and steam in the pot reach a high temperature of 121 ℃. When the pressure gauge value is close to 0, even if the high pressure is still very strong, there will be a certain pressure difference between the inside and outside of the steam sterilization pot if the cover is forced to open, so the heating is blown out very thinly, which may cause harm to the subjects.

  In addition, at this time, if the tube in which the culture medium is put into the sterilization pot (the tube is also a relatively closed space), under the condition of large pressure difference, opening the cover of the sterilization pot will sharply reduce the pressure, and the culture medium in the tube will be directly ejected from the tube, and the cotton plug may be contaminated.

Steam sterilizer

  2. When the index value of the pressure gauge pointer of the steam sterilizer is 0, can the cover be opened immediately to take out the sterilizer?

  The pressure value shown in the table is already 0, but the high temperature steam will cause scalding. In addition, when the room temperature is low in winter, as soon as the cover of the steam sterilizer is opened, the cold air will suddenly enter, and the glassware may break, so try to be a little cold before opening the cover.

  3. Check the water level every time you use it. How to control the water level?

  Every sterilization will consume the water in the pot, so please check the water level in the pot before use. The water level is not as high as all the metal heating rings of the outer pot. In addition, excess water is reserved to prevent the heating parts from being damaged due to the drying and burning of the steam sterilization pot.

  In fact, in the long-term use of steam sterilization boiler, the metal heating ring fixed on the outer part of the boiler is exposed to the water level, which leads to high-temperature melting damage.

  4. What water should be put into the autoclave before use?

  Distilled water or boiled water can be added to minimize the scale formation in the heating ring in the pot, especially in the outer pot, so as to protect the equipment and improve the heating and sterilization efficiency.


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